Quality Delivered In Every Product

At El Fateh, our biggest concern is satisfying our clients and maintaining a good relationship with them. This is what we have done throughout the years by relying on our quality products and dedicated team. 

Usama El-Fateh


EL Fateh Est. established in 1985 specializing in UPS and AVR maintenance services.

1992, EL Fateh acquired the Power Transformers factory from AMROH Holland to be the sole manufacturer of Dry Power Transformers up to 1 MVA in the Middle East under AMROH Brand

1996, EL Fateh Est. signed the sole agency for Inform Electronik of Turkey for UPS in Egypt with rights to manufacture low voltage UPS for the Egyptian market.  

2002, EL Fateh Est developed its well recognized Egyptian brand “FA-ST” in the power and industrial markets.

2006, EL Fateh productions moved to its brand new factory of 2500 squared meters in EL Obour City of Egypt.

2014, EL Fateh Est was certified by Intertek International and granted ISO 9001/2008 for all its production Lines.

2016, EL Fateh Est acquired its first brand new production line for LED SMD to start invading the Egyptian booming LED lightening market.

2018, EL Fateh Est manufactured its first Medium tension Oil Transformer of 100KVA.

2018, EL Fateh Est established its new subsidiary Blocks Electric specializing in Solar Energy industry for supplying and contracting solar stations. 



Efficient performance: EL Fateh Est helps its customers to improve their efficient productivity and usage for more sustained power and electrical performance to save energy.

Acquire Quality: Innovation and quality are key characteristics of our product, systems and service offering.

Talent Appeal: EL Fateh Est. is committed to attracting and retaining dedicated and skilled people and offering employees an attractive, global work environment.


Egyptian Brand Recognition: We are devoted to build, develop and enhance the Egyptian Made reputation and recognition worldwide



As one of the Egyptians’ leading engineering companies, we help our customers to use electrical power efficiently, to increase industrial productivity and more sustainable home usage for a better environment.



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